8 Years!

March 1, 2013

You might wonder if FCBG was still in operation, given the fact that this site has been so poorly maintained for the past several years because of my personal health problems. Well, I’m pleased to be able to tell you that our club does, indeed, still play regularly every Thursday evening. In fact, we are now into our 8th consecutive year at the downtown branch of the London (Ontario) library system.


Check Us Out!

March 19, 2010

Our backgammon club hosts a *FREE* program 5-9 pm every Thursday on the 3rd floor at the Central library. New players always welcome! #LDN

Full Swing

October 2, 2008

FCBG is now once again in full swing. Summer’s over, kids are back in school, leaves are falling, and the dice are rolling.

Do you play backgammon? Young or old, experienced or never played before, it doesn’t matter… we’re always looking for new members, so drop us an email.

Ratings – 2008/09/12

September 12, 2008
Name Record Rating Exp Tournament
Greg 184 88 1730.38 2497
Andrew 19 10 1690.01 208
Derek 138 154 1579.16 2623
Siminac 1 0 1524.28 7
Jill 1 1 1516.05 14
Scott 9 11 1514.28 153
Craig 2 2 1505.10 28
Julie 8 18 1430.93 189
Matches In Progress
Name Score Name Score
2007/02/22 7 Craig 5 Nora 5
2007/02/22 7 Craig 4 Greg 1
2007/04/05 7 Matt 3 Julie 2
2007/04/02 7 Greg 0 Andrew 6 Crawford game.
2007/04/19 7 Ray 3 Julie 1

Lazy Days of Summer

August 2, 2008

I realize that the site looks inactive, but rest assured that there are still a few of us who continue to meet and play backgammon during the summer months. You’re always welcome to simply drop in on our regularly-schedules Thursday evening meetings, but to be assured of finding someone you may want to send an email to me. And it’s also often possible to arrange (non-club) playing sessions on other days/times.